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You know, to see if it still hurts. When I use this phrase I may be speaking literally or figuratively.

Literally: I whack myself on something, get a bruise, watch it change colors, poke it—tentatively at first, then more confidently as time passes—to see if it still hurts. The bruise may be minor or spectacular. Doesn’t matter. When I see it, or remember it, it’s gonna get poked.

Figuratively: You’ve probably guessed. Bruises can be figurative, too—abstract, intangible, yet very real. Wounds given, wounds received, wounds self-inflicted, intentionally or by accident—all are fair game for poking.

Does it still hurt (for me)? Does it still hurt (for them)? Did it ever really hurt? (Some bruises don’t.)

Ideas are fair game for bruise-pushing, too–for teasing out, to see if they stand up to scrutiny, up to poking.  Do they develop bruises or do they maintain their integrity?

Ever play the pushing-the-bruise game with your sister or friend? Poke. “Ow, quit it.” Poke. “Ow, quit it.” Poke. “Ow. Mo-omm!”

Want to play with me?


About this blogger:

This Child of Aslan, Ros, is a high school English teacher in Southern California.  Middle-aged, she is already a certified cat lady.  Her callings include teaching and writing.  Her hobbies include reading and photography.  Her efforts of late include improving her self-discipline, living honestly, and understanding love–both ours and God’s.  You can contact her at chiasticmusings [AT] gmail [DOT] com.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts during the A to Z Challenge! We seem to have a few things in common – cat laderie, middle agedness, reading, writing. I poke my bruises, too. And I play roller derby so I get them a lot. Cheers! 🙂

    • Wow, Dave, thank you so much! It hasn’t gotten enough of my love in the past couple of weeks, but that’s usually temporary. Thank you for you kind words. I’m happy to have finally discovered your blog, too!

  2. My gf is always very proud of her bruises when she gets them in martial arts. And she has a habit of poking them fondly. Pleasure to finally make your (official) acquaintance!

  3. What a cool premise for your blog. What does it mean for people like me who physically bruise easily, so much so that I’m constantly discovering new bruises on my body and I have no idea where they came from? But figuratively, I rarely bruise…

    • Thank you! It’s really just an excuse to push back on things and be moderately oppositional. Hahaha! I occasionally find random bruises I have no recall of ever getting, and then I know I need to increase my vitamin C intake. LOL. Figuratively, too–sometimes I really I need a good dose of figurative vitamin C, too.

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