K is for

April 12, 2014


K is for…

kindness and kyrie.

Kindness:  the state of quality of being kind

Kind:  considerate, helpful, benevolent, humane, gentle, gracious, charitable, expressing goodwill, intended for benefits rather than profit

Being kind to others is mostly easy (except when I’m driving—everyone is an idiot when they’re driving near me).  The issue, of course, is being kind to myself.

It is difficult to be kind to myself, and so I must ask for help.

Anne Lamott, in Help, Thanks, Wow, says one of her big three prayers is “Help me, help me, help me.”  (You can intuit the other two prayers.)

And this is what I pray when I can’t be kind to myself.  “Kyrie.  Lord, have mercy on me.  Lord, help me, help me, help me.”


9 thoughts on “K is for

    • Liz, I think it’s because the world is craving a little kindness these days. Kindness, love, grace, mercy.

      I love this very simple, straightforward, repetitive, but beautiful song by Mary Gauthier.

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