Blogtober 15th: The Balancing

October 15, 2014

Today I am grateful for the balancing.  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” right?  (Newton’s Third Law of Physics)  I think that applies to more than just the physical world.  I think it extends to the spiritual and emotional realm, too.


  • A crappy, bitter email from a former colleague hits the inbox, but then another colleague comes by for a visit and an uplifting conversation filled with laughter and humanity.
  • The too-hot and somewhat windy day is followed by a cooler night and a temperature-tempering overcast morning the next day.
  • An annoying interruption in scheduled work time butts up against an impromptu meeting that yields an actual result.
  • A too-late night is followed by the gift of a nap and a relatively early bedtime.  (Of course the next night was way too late…but tonight will be earlier and saner.)
  • Strain and tension with a friend turn into goodwill and conversation.

See how this goes?  I am grateful for the balancing, especially when I blend it with my focus on positive self-talk and looking for things great and small to be grateful for.


calvin-on-scientific-lawShh.  I know this one says the First Law, but it works for the Third Law, too.


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