Blogtober 25th: Lazy Day

I am grateful for a lazy day.  It wasn’t my intention, per se, but it happened, and I’m not complaining.

I slept in, after being woken at 6-something by my dog who was howling the yard–she’d forgotten to come upstairs to sleep last night and was feeling lonely and abandoned.

When I finally got up a little before 10, I fed the dog, made coffee, showered and dressed, and went to brunch with a friend.

Said brunch was delicious…and energy-zapping, apparently, because I came home and napped for something like two hours…or so.  It might have been the cherry cider.  It might have been the bacon and carbs.  It might have been the funnel cake with spiced apple compote and lemon-berry ice cream.  It might just have been that I’m exhausted and sleep-deprived in general, and all of these other factors simply exacerbated that reality.  Regardless, I’ve had a lot of sleep today…and suspect I’ll have NO trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep tonight.

I finally awoke when a friend called.  I have since fed the dog a second time, fed the kitties, and am now sitting down to write.

I’m okay with days like this.  Grateful, even.

brunch oc -- chapter one

brunch oc -- cider and v



brunch oc -- dia mask

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