A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 14, 2015



Servant heart with a writer soul,
a momma of more than her five;
her growth exponential, humility strong,
she helps me know how to give,
how to live.

Land of the Lost

is where we all live,
a sojourn of loneliness,
dodging dinosaurs.

It’s not unattractive,
you won’t have regret,
it’s not without its charms;

the tilting of earth
on its axis pin
will be sufficient
to slightly alter the thing;

they’re not the unhappiest couple around,
but she was not a little upset;

it’s not an uncommon device to see,
the indirect, “off” lie-toe-tee(s).

For more on litotes

Tonia gave me this next topic:

Lucky Charms
I likes me kibble,
but not the bits; the luck
is not in the fluff.

(NB:  I can’t stand the sugary marshmallows.)

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