A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 21, 2015

For today’s R post, my good friend, Tonia Hurst, and I decided to collaborate and cross-post today.  She supplied the gorgeous photo, and from it, I reflected and came up with an odd little specimen of a poem.  Hope you enjoy the fruits of our pleasant labors.  You can read her blog at The Vast and Inscrutable Imponderabilities of Life, which is every bit as fascinating as it sounds. 

Tonias Reflection

“Reflection,” (c) Antonia Hurst, 2015

Reflect (-ion, -s, -ing, -ed)

welds and burnished copper, iron, steel,
brassy rainbows on the surface of the sea

looking inward
shining out

i see
i shudder
i turn away

paint on water
pain on paper
papers on pain
and ponderous thoughts

children pull back wizard curtains,
unveil the truths we’d rather hide;
my students show my gaps, my cracks,
and mirror my sometime polished spots;
the mirrors of my
self, my
words lay bare
the covert soul;

cast back my friends,
friends give back me,
resonant admixture
and mutual rebound;

fuzzy edges and colors just mute
that ripple with the waves,
string tornadoes of light
and cones of brushed self,
pillars of light in the wilderness years;

the kid in the window
is copying me!

i see
i shudder
i look anyway

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