A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 23, 2015

Tonia, Tonic, and Tonicity

tender of truth
and truest friend,
relentless wonderer
who wanders the curves;

wizard of words
with the exponential sight,
who connects the unlikely
and stirs deep, rich silt;

ardent seeking,
steadfast fierce

a grace I daily receive,
the water I’m glad is still there

fervid focus
but a kangaroo mind,
a paradox with powerful wings

the rein will only break your hand;
climb on and twine the mane,
hold on, lie low,
and fly,
feel muscles ripple and tense
below the wind and sleek skin,
remark on the power, but not aloud;
preserve the trance

the sugar cube won’t always do

she’ll walk the world
to find the beauty,
to overturn rocks
to turn up laughter
that keeps the teflon coat cracked

a phoenix will flame you,
flummox and grieve,
rekindle, flare back, form up and present,
reassemble, and faithful attend

it is not as we thought;
in fact, the butterfly
is the collector of beauty,
the netter, the trapper,
the close-scrying eye.


6 thoughts on “T

  1. Such an amazing topic. How did you ever choose it? Seriously lovely post. I like the stanzas on different themes. So many great descriptions and word plays, I don’t know where to start in my admiration for your skill. I’m flattered indeed, but mostly, I just love how you approached this.

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