Blogtober 4th–Oh yeah, huh?

It occurred to me today, as I played around on my blog and mess with new themes, that I’m a bit out of practice with the blogging.  And then I rediscovered my Blogtober practice of gratitude from last year, and it seemed a good idea to do again.  So even though we’re already four days into the month, and it offends my perfectionist/slightly-OCD tendencies to start midstride like that, start midstride I shall.

Today I am grateful for the things that go along with autumn:  chill and carbs and loss.


We had some rain in the wee sma’s this morning, and the day was mostly cool, with dynamic sun-and-cloud interplay.  I am ready for the cool.  Thus today found me in yoga pants instead of shorts, and happy to be surrounded by slumbering furry kitties.  And even though the weather report promises (threatens) 80s and 90s again this week, I am thankful for this little cooling interlude, this preview of things to come.


I have been observing a protein-heavy, fats-affirming, carb-light dietary change.  However, I’m not no-carb; just low-carb.  Tonight, though, in light of the cooler weather, I indulged happily in turkey chili, garlic naan, and a small juice glassful of merlot.  And it was good.  And I am grateful.


OK, I’m not really grateful for loss…but I am grateful for having had things or people that were so good that I miss them now that I’ve lost them.  My grandmother, for instance–her one-year homegoing anniversary has just passed, and I’ve been reveling in the photos posted by relatives, in the videos we took during her final dying days last year, and in the memories of her voice and stories and laughter.  My dog, Mandy, the beagle, who unexpectedly crossed the rainbow bridge exactly two weeks ago–I keep looking at her photos and talking with friends about her, retelling her unique Mandy brand of stubbornness, her happydancing for food, her instaflop for belly rubs, her tolerance of my spooning her for greater ease of petting, her smug smiles in certain pictures.

No, I’m not grateful for loss, but for having had Grandma and Mandy in my life.

Gma and Ros_crop smug smile_crop

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