NaPoWriMo–C is for…



“April is the cruellest month,” said Eliot assuredly.

Some claim that prize for Februar’; they dislike snow, apparently.


sad IMG_0632


I think I’d pick the month of eight, when school resumes and summer’s blown.

The teacher’s s’posed to celebrate, while students get to whine and moan.



sad DSC05590

But clearly in reality the teacher feels the same or worse.

To drive to school on August 12 can feel like riding in a hearse.




This post is a blend of the A to Z Blog Challenge and NaPoWriMo.  To read other A to Z bloggers, click here.  Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem that takes a position on T.S. Eliot’s claim about the cruelest month.

C napo2016button2

10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo–C is for…

  1. That poem is hilarious and clever and full of funny truth. The pictures match the poem perfectly though they did draw me away just little from the wit of your words–especially grouchy person. If looks would kill they’d do much ill.

  2. Oh, how I dreaded August, but it excited me, too. It IS a cruel time, saying goodbye to rest and relaxation, sleeping less and working more, and the meetings, meetings, meetings while your head is in your classroom trying to plan for the year! Good job, Ros. Miss you!

  3. Shrink, I know you know how it feels! At least this year we get a normal-length summer, as opposed to the abbreviated version we had last summer. Working on increasing sleep and have huge plans for organizing and planning over summer. Ya know, like ya do. LOL. Thanks for commenting. I miss you, too. Off I go, over to catch up on your blog.

    • Ugh! LOL! The fickle month of April! I just saw a funny single-panel cartoon today about spring–Persephone, in the underworld, embracing Hades, and him saying she should get back up there, her mother’s going to hate him even worse…and Persephone clearly doesn’t care. It’s hilarious. Hang in there with the snow! Flowers will be here soon!

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