NaPoWriMo–L is for…



The taxes nearly overdue—

   they’re not, but nearly—whew!

That stupid thing I keep getting billed for

   finally emailed on—again.

That phone I’ve never backed up

   due to too many photos and gigs—

   I finally paid the 99 cents—

   will need 15 hours to do the deed;

   I hope it can do that while I sleep

   and still wake me on a million snoozed alarms.

That inexplicable ankle twinge

   that had me limping to the car

   is finally gone, I think.

The white exhaustion around my eyes,

   faint wrinkles pulled taut by strain,

   is bleaching and leeching my mojo muse.

The to-go order binge still sitting heavy

   is stirring up bloat and guilt in equal parts.

   I haven’t even gotten the mail out of the slot yet.


I will sleep—the gift of the gods;

I won’t dream—that other gift—not tonight,

   but perhaps on the weekend

   without appointments or class…

   I mean classes, of course.


When it feels like phoning it in,

even though you’re not…

o, lamentable;

o, lame.


This post is a blend of the A to Z Blog Challenge and NaPoWriMo.  To read other A to Z bloggers, click here. Today, my NaPoWriMo post is off-prompt.

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8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo–L is for…

  1. I loved your tag DON’T JUDGE. No judgment here. I can tell you had some fun with this one, the lamentations of an overworked, overtired teacher. May the coming weekend restore you. Happy Friday, Ros!

  2. Happy Tax Day! 😛 But this was an interesting and fun poem. I can relate…. I’m finally cleaning out my email inboxes (all 4…. *sob*), that I let go since November.

    • Ugh! Four! I have three and it’s pretty bad. I was reading over at your blog (haven’t commented yet) and noted the accumulation of kuh-cray-zee. And you know? Sometimes life happens and freakin’ email can wait. Hang in there, hon!

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