NaPoWriMo–Z is for…



I remember the big dopey dog,

a Great Dane, I realize now,

simultaneously both dumber and smarter

than the humans nearby,

a dog with ghostly fears

and a traditional dogly appetite,

that is to say, huge and unending,

a dog who occasionally rode roller skates,

flailingly, limbs like pinwheels

hinged at the shoulder with brads

like primary school paper crafts,

a dog who spoke a doggy English,

like ruh-roh, huh?, huh-uh, hee hee hee hee,

and Scooby Dooooo!,

and his sidekick Shaggy,

the tall skinny embodiment of slackerdom,

chin stubble and a metabolism to die for,

who almost always did the bidding of his

smarter, normal-er friends

even amid fear and kneeknocking,

who singlehandedly passed the hippie-ish practice

of injecting “like” into random places in conversation

to an entire generation of American youth;

“those crazy kids” who

banded together in random solidarity, who

split up when clearly they should not, who

meddled and solved mysteries, who

unmasked sneaks and liars and grownup cheats, who

faced scary fears head-on with humor

and Scooby snacks;

those crazy kids who

woke up early on Saturday mornings because they

could and didn’t have to, who

revved their brains on obscenely

sugary breakfast cereals, crass commercialism

aimed at tender impressionable youth,

and cartoons, a medium, a pastime, an obsession

from which we learned story,

the value of repetition, formula,

the fun of a life punctuated by timely sound effects

and a canned laugh track,

a variety of music both new and old, and that almost

anything is possible

(we believed).


scooby doo where are you

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via / CC BY-NC


This post is a blend of the A to Z Blog Challenge and NaPoWriMo.  To read other A to Z bloggers, click here. Today’s poem is off prompt, a fitting ending to the challenge for a bruise-pusher, I suppose.

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6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo–Z is for…

  1. Zoiks! You used it! Congratulations on making it through A to Z.

    “Simultaneously smarter and dumber than the humans nearby.”

    I think this describes many dogs I’ve known.

    • Hah! I removed the ‘n’ and had Shaggy’s favorite exclamation. It was a fun walk down memory lane, complete with some YouTube time suck. I almost wrote that about dogs–‘like any other dog I’ve known’–but I ended up leaving it out.

  2. Once again, your imagination has captured mine. Well done on the A-Z challenge my friend. I have loved seeing these poems of yours, often thought-provoking, sometimes whimsical, occasionally beyond my comprehension and every word of value. Thank you.

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