Merry Old Month of May: 3-Abandoned


Daily Prompt:  Abandoned


The crickets are chirping,

the cats have all fled;

the phone hasn’t rung,

and I lie here alone in my

cold, forlorn bed,

and even Facebook and Twitter

are deserted and dead,

while the wine that I guzzled

at my table for one

is bloating my stomach

and rapping my head.


And the mockingbird wakes me

at 1:32

to sing through his tune store

to his gray sweet babboo,

and my god, am I lonesome,

my god, am I blue,

hanging over the wire

like an old far-flung shoe,

like a toppling barn

that the wind just blows through…

abandoned barn

Photo credit: swainboat via / CC BY-NC-SA



Hm…I think I’ll play with this one some more.


For the month of May, I will be posting something daily, namely some kind of respond to The Daily Post’s daily prompt or some other prompt, unless a poem or post visits me of its own accord, unbidden and welcomed.

6 thoughts on “Merry Old Month of May: 3-Abandoned

  1. “Like a toppling barn that the wind just blows through.” Oh, I am SO glad you’re doing this challenge, friend. I’m starting to think I might actually go look at your prompts instead of your poems, and maybe I’ll play in the sandbox. Solitary play probably–but still. You’re making me think about it! Well done.

    • Do, Crystal! They’re just one-word prompts, and they can be for poetry or prose or photography or anything you like. The link is at the bottom of the post above the tags. The sandbox is clean and there’s plenty of room.

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