Merry Old Month of May: 10-Diverse

Daily Prompt:  Diverse



In King Solomon’s Proverbs

in the King James Bible

(and many other bible books besides),

‘diverse’ is spelled ‘divers,’

and you can surely imagine

my six-year-old mind

wondering about those crazy divers

and their temptations,

their vanities,

their weights and measures,

the latter two which made sense

since I pictured ‘skin divers’

in shiny thin black suits

that clung to their skin

and black masks

that hid their faces

and flippers

that made them seem alien and spy-like

with twin black airtanks

that looked in shape like my kids’ bible illustration

of the ten commandment tablets of stone

except more three-dimensional;

and these divers in their dark ocean

amid dark oceanfloor reeds

that waved and undulated

around their black-flippered feet

like sorts of divers tongues,

these divers were not

diverse in colour

but simply dark and shiny

in their divers places

with divers manners and

divers lusts,

divers washings,

hoping for divers miracles,

I guess like we all do.


divers collage

This collage of images may give you an inkling of the vision, but it’s still not quite right. (Contains images by vinylwallart 2014, flickr photographer Vintage Scuba,, and other unknown sources)



For the month of May, I will be posting something daily, namely some kind of respond to The Daily Post’s daily prompt or some other prompt, unless a poem or post visits me of its own accord, unbidden and welcomed.  

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