Here’s a Share

Since I haven’t been posting around here much, I’ve decided to share a couple of articles with you from a poet/activist I’ve been following for around a year now.  Devi Lockwood undertook a project to ride her bike around farflung parts of the planet to converse with people and collect stories about water, in order to heighten awareness of the effects of climate change.

DeviLockwood img_1699

She’s home now, temporarily it would seem, and has had two essays recently published, and I’d like to share those with you, because I found them moving in different ways.

One was featured in the New York Times “Well” Blog:  Learning to Scale Peaks from My Underprotective Mother.

“Many American parents would probably say their primary responsibility is to keep their children safe, to teach them to respect authority and stay out of trouble. These were not my mother’s goals.”

The second was featured in Alpinist magazine.  It’s called Home: an Index.

“There is glacial power in language, in naming things. I am here because my mother gave me a vocabulary for motion.”

I hope you’ll click through and read about Devi’s adventures.

DeviLockwood comingbacktonz

Both photos courtesy of One Bike One Year.

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