Blogtober 4th: Virtuous Women

October 4, 2014

I am grateful today for virtuous women.

Yes, I attended a funeral today–that of my grandmother, Bernice Grace Pryor (more on that middle name in a moment).  But the constant refrain from the service was her embodiment of the Proverbs 31 woman–a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies, whose children and husband arise and call her blessed.

I mentioned her middle name  yesterday–Grace.  Yeah…her middle name wasn’t Grace.  I had forgotten that.  My cousins (who have stellar memories) reminded me of this.  No, her middle name was Georgia…and she hated it…because it was the name of the family cow!  And so when she went to the hospital a month ago, and they asked for her full name, she told them it was Bernice Grace Pryor.  She fibbed.  Or else she changed her name on the spot.

My cousins and I exchanged meaningful, amused smiles today during the funeral when much was made of “her” middle name and an acronym formed along those letters.

Lest you think this marks her as a less-than-virtuous woman, she really was a woman of grace, a gracious soul, a woman of strength and honor and wisdom and kindness.  I am grateful for this virtuous woman.

I am grateful for virtuous women.  My mother is a virtuous woman.  My aunts are virtuous women.  My sister is a virtuous woman.  My girl cousins are virtuous women.  I am not merely slinging this term around loosely–they really are women of principle and worth.  I’ve spent the past several days surrounded by them, supported by them, loving and loved by them.

My closest writing friends are virtuous women–women of strength and principle…and really good habits.  I have spent the past year and more learning at the feet of these women, thriving under their encouragement, enjoying their company and their words.  From Lisa and Melanie and Tonia to Crystal and Debbie and Carolyn and Iris and Melinda and Carryl and Denise and Laura and Laura and Kate and Janet and…(dang it, I know I’m forgetting important names, but I’ll plead a late night and a draining week of grief and tribute…and I’m grateful for the virtuous women I forget, because I’m confident they won’t hold it against me).

Price far above rubies is right.  These women are invaluable and priceless.  I arise and call them blessed, and I am blessed beyond measure to have them in my life.

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