Blogtober 5th: Downtime

October 5, 2014

It’s quiet today, and I am SO grateful for that.  I slept in after a late-to-bed night.  Sat out church, which was just fine by me.  My introvert self has had its fill of interaction with strangers for a while.  My introvert self has even had its fill, at least temporarily, of family that I love–en masse they are noisy and hectic.

Had a leisurely breakfast and an unhurried shower, Sunday “dinner” out with only eight of us (in this family, a party of eight is small).  It’s a Sunday after-dinner rest time now–football muted on TV, Grandpa snoring in his easy chair, phone games being played in one corner by my sister and aunt, and a couple of us on computers at the dining room table, simultaneously working and trying to stay awake.

It is dark and overcast again, with a little period rain spatter.  It’s a perfect day-after-a-funeral.  Grateful for the dark, the cool, the quiet, the downtime.

Tree in Union Chapel Cemetery

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