Blogtober 6th: Bullets of Grateful

Today I am grateful for:

  • rain this morning, sun and dynamic clouds now;
  • fall and changing leaves;
  • geese flying low in formation;
  • breakfast and lunch with aunts and cousins;
  • old pictures in albums and boxes, with folks around who are old enough to retell their tales for accurate labeling and appropriate laughter;
  • the smell of slow-simmering spaghetti sauce for a meal I won’t be at;
  • aisle seats for the flight home;
  • someone else taking care of getting someone else to take care of my detention duty today;
  • a “cooling” trend back at home (down from triple digits, at least);
  • not being rushed for packing and airport driving;
  • did I mention the cool weather and changing leaves?
  • real seasons (as opposed to mud, fire, wind, and earthquake);
  • family affirmation that my writing can create emotions and move people (probably not that hard to do in the family with the sap gene);
  • conversations yesterday with friends about writing, crystallizing and clarifying and motivating conversations that will lead to better writing as soon as today;
  • the insects in the tree that are still whirring and squeaking and clicking, even on this rainy, sunny, windy, cool afternoon;
  • the fact that Grandpa managed his own breakfast and medications while we were out of the house this morning;
  • the phone call from an aunt/cousin (she’s sort of both) concerned about my church-attendance hiatus;
  • the prayers and positive thoughts and well-wishes of friends.

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