Blogtober 20th: It could’ve been worse.

October 20, 2014

Of some days, the best that may be said by way of gratitude is, well, it could’ve been worse.

At least the day didn’t drag.

At least I didn’t forget my lunch or forget to drink my coffee.

At least I clocked hours in grading.

At least all the online grading wasn’t stupidly and prohibitively slow.

At least the technology didn’t completely fail.

At least my students were nice.  (When I asked them at the end of class what they’d learned today, one said, “The meaning of life!”  Hahaha!  I should’ve replied, “Well, yeah, we were reading Virginia Woolf and Annie Dillard!”  😉  Instead I just laugh heartily.  At least they’re starting to get it.

At least the department meeting wasn’t contentious.   (That could be because only half of the department attended.  Hmm…)

At least I feel a little bit grownup this week, having taken time on Sunday to schedule out time for the things that matter to me.  And I’m grateful in advance for the powers and providence and grace that will allow me to stick to those schedules.

Back to work…


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