Blogtober 21st: From – to +

October 21, 2014

OK, this is an exercise in speaking positive into negative space.  After a day of too little sleep, an upset stomach, endless meeting, zero silence, and plentiful frustrations and insecurities, I need the deliberate positive input of a gratitude practice.

A book I ordered on Amazon came–Roald Dahl, on the recommendation of my good friend.  Looking forward to getting back into my reading habit again.  It really has been too long since I let myself sink my teeth into a juicy novel.

I managed to get some grading done today during the meeting, even found my way to the page where one can both read the assignment and enter the grade on the same page.  (Why is this a revolutionary concept?)

Enjoyed a short walk at work, the sunshine, the shade even more, the plumeria creamy-white in the after-lunch sun.

Actually cleaned a tiny bit in my bedroom while talking on the phone with my bff.  I love the kind of multitasking that doesn’t actually divide my attention from the conversation.

Had a good class today.  Read Annie Dillard with my class.  In fact, read Annie Dillard aloud to my class, which is a gift all unto itself.  I love the poetry in her dense prose.  I think my kids finally started tasting it today.  I could see them licking their lips, smiling as they wrote furious notes in the margins.

teachers how to think not what to think

 (My goal)

Overheard at a kiln: "The main teaching of all religions is, don't be a dick." You heard the man--comment away, know...

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