November 7, 8, 9, 10, 2014 Tiny Gifts

Despite not posting, I have still been practicing gratitude in the form of noting the gifts each day has rendered.

11/7 Gift:  Took the day off.  Slept in a little.  Finished laundry and packing.  Parking and flight arrangements went off without a hitch.  Saw a wicked pink sunset and brilliant bright moon through the plane window.  Got picked up at the airport by a friend I hadn’t met in person yet, and we had a blast drinking good scotch and talking until the wee sma’s.


11/8 Gift:  The view of the Colorado Rockies from my hotel window in the morning.  Sleeping in and a rare hot bath/soak.  Writing in the sunny hotel lobby.  Rich conversation and dinner and prayer with dear and godly friends.

DSC_0194      in the lobby 2

11/9 Gift:  Sleeping in.  Room service breakfast–a luxury.  Reading and writing.  The Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens–wow!–and a phenomenal used bookstore, the Tattered Cover, with a friend.




flannery oconnor prevented by teacher

Magnet, seen at bookstore.  Funny, misspelling of O’Connor’s name notwithstanding.

11/10 Gift:  Despite the early rising (in a different time zone, no less), and despite the gusting wind that rattled and shook the three-hours-delayed plane as it sat in the gate due to fog in SFO, and despite the fact that I didn’t get coffee until after having been awake for several hours…

…the sunrise was magnificent, casting a pink shade above the Rockies; and I got to see tumbleweeds roll across the tarmac, making me feel my Western roots; and we took off before the snowstorm hit; and the predicted bumpy ride was mild, as turbulent plane rides go; and I worked on an essay on the plane; and we landed at our destination without incident; and I get to spend a day with my best friend.

It’s all good.

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