November 11, 12, 13, 14, 2014 Tiny Gifts

Nov. 11, San Francisco–Beautiful coastline, gorgeous drive, bridges and sun peeks and 30 seconds of magic rain, breakfast with friends, awesome best friend time, flight home only an hour long.

Nov. 12, Orange County–My students read their Gothic short stories aloud, and some of them have more impressive control of tone and mood and story elements than I at first suspected.  God, I get so proud of them!  Chiropractor appointment after many flights and awkward baggage-schlepping.

Nov. 13, Orange County–My dad’s and late great-grandma’s birthdays (celebrated deferred, since he was gallivanting in Yosemite); tomorrow’s Friday (LOL); a heavy mist (which in SoCal counts as rain) was happening as I went upstairs to bed.

Nov. 14, Orange County–Umm…it’s Friday.  Heh.









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