November 15, 2014 Tiny Gifts

On Saturday…

I slept in (blissful).

I read most of a magazine (Southern Living, Christmas issue–delicious)…with the promise of a Pat Conroy essay still to be read.

I got a message on Facebook asking me if I was leaving soon (grateful for that message because I had forgotten the event was as early as it was).

Met up with Carolyn, fellow writer and friend (always uplifting)…

Carolyn and I at Beachside Cafe

…and saw Anne Lamott speak and read (always a gift!).

Anne waits to speak     Anne Speaks 1

Anne Speaks 2     Anne sips water


Signed Anne Lamott book


And now I have an awesome book to read.  Yay!

Overheard at a kiln: "The main teaching of all religions is, don't be a dick." You heard the man--comment away, know...

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