A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 3, 2015



A talk with a friend,
a blond and blue smiler
who has a way with words,
leads to confidence,
clarifies facets,
sharpens focus,
reveals the crystal truth.




Comptche Spring Break

On the Deck
This week is not about
the to-do list I brought,
the grading stacks in the trunk in bags
(bound to stay there),
the work of house-selling and job-sniffing and tax-paying.
This week is about
sitting on a sunwashed deck
and birdchirp attention and roostercrow amusement,
about windperceiving and
pulling the words gently off the wind
as they waft by.



We wake in one,
not just in the uncaffeinated kind,
though that applies, too,
but the real one, wet, foggish,
insulating us from the pending heat
and potential clarity of the day,
like my conception of earth’s canopy
before the great flood
but with added confusion and care.


6 thoughts on “C

  1. Roslynn, in your poems, I am able to visit the ranch once more. I miss that place. I dream of spending time there again with you all, and this time, adding Chuck to the mix.

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