A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 2, 2015


bee on rosemary
Bees are in decline—
we’re told, we know—
except the one that just flew
between my face and the screen,
except the fat one fondling
the rosemary’s blooms,
except the ones fussing the clover
that my dog wants to roll in.



Bed Lam

Trapped in sheets
between dog paws, dog backs,
bodies not my own
envelop, wrap,
a straitjacket of effective design.
Snorts and grunts
assail the peace…
and no place I’d rather be,
escaping, hiding
from lighted, waking life.



bamboo garden spa bath
pummeled by water and violent air
stripped of moisture by virulent heat
ministered to by healing light
(yes, please!)
hatching anticipation of
deep-kneaded work

sinking complete
submerging the whole
stretching out full…
the biggest gift is
a tub that fits.

8 thoughts on “B

  1. Thank you for these, and for the photos too. Love the doggie bed!

    Alas, these days I have a changed relationship with my lavender garden and bees. When I unearthed a nest two autumns ago, I discovered that:

    “Wasps, when disturbed, will attack us.
    That’s how I learned about anaphylaxis.”

    So I give them a wide berth. 🙂

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