A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 6, 2015


Enervation Equation

Physical efforts +
Emotional exertion =
Sudden exhaustion.



"The Girls"

“The Girls”



I cooked the eggs,
for you, for me,
plucked that morning
from fresh coop-floor shavings,
one still warm from the hen;

fresh greens
bright peppers
good cheese
sautéed nourishment

like this friendship:
fresh, bright, good,
and still warm.

"The Grrrls"

“The Grrrls”


4 thoughts on “E

  1. Oh, these are wonderful. Roslynn, you make an amazing omelette. And like a true friend, you even clean the kitchen.

    Photos before breakfast? Only for the brave. 🙂

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