A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 7, 2015




timesuck and hopegiver
communion in a lonely house

allusive elusive illusive
inclusive preclusive exclusive

ebb and flow
inane and profound

distraction and drug
that I don’t want to quit,
attraction and hug,
think I’ll linger a bit.


6 thoughts on “F

  1. timesuck and hopegiver
    communion in a lonely house

    How do you do this, Roslynn? How do you possibly come off the kind of teaching day that drains every bit of emotional energy, and then write exquisite, thought provoking gems like this?

    Seriously impressed with the way your creative mind works.
    (Mine stumbles home to eat taco chips and watch Shark Tank, ha.)

    • Taco chips and Shark Tank? I’m dying, Laura! To answer your question, dunno–these are my hope-givers, these words that waft past occasionally. Bear in mind, my friend–you do the same job I do and come home and write novels. I haven’t gotten to that point yet…

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