A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 10, 2015


I?ny-er cartoon

“I don’t know what to
write about for ‘I,’”
crab I.

she replies.
I laugh.

“And one on
irony after that,”
I add.


I spoke my indecision
and the speaking
settled it.


My heart lurches
when I look at fierce bright stars.

ben-coffman-photography-12 haystack


Please visit this photographer’s website.  He blows my mind.

4 thoughts on “I

  1. Ros,
    I liked that dialogue poem, thought it quite clever and enjoyed the ongoing rhythm of the piece! As well, the photo!!! (I have to tell you, this is how my mind works!).

    • Thanks, Amy, for reading and commenting! I really enjoy playing with rhythms; it’s what gets me through these one-(or-more)-a-day poem challenges. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s…mind-wired this way. Hahahaha!

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