A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 15, 2015


To My Millennials
(A Sort of Commencement Address,
brought to you by the letter M)


Test your mettle
to earn the medal.

Plastic is cool
but metal is elemental,
and wood and dirt and water are pure.

Take a mentor, be a mentor,
morph into a deep and merry life.
Model the moves
of a merited mind.

Mediate the moral plane,
mediate and medicate
the wounds and pains of mankind.

and move.
Maintain the marrow
and mother the mind.

Make memories, not memes.

Mockingbirds matter,
and minutes do, too.

Minotaurs, mazes, and myths are for real,
materialized mysteries
in moments of truth.

Mars sings, my dears.
Pay attention to the mind of the moon.





Her gardenia-bright smile
will lift your day;
her gentle peach-drawl
will draw out your smile;
her willow-thin frame
will bend but can be broken;
her iron-strong core
will remember itself;
her words will wash waves
of cooling questions and peace.



The Legend of Melanie


Insert Melanie’s picture here.


Drying-tobacco and jerky-strip hide,
a backbone of granite and quartz,
her ‘cojones’ could toss you
right outta the ring,
unseat you and take off on your horse.

A heart like a crater, full up to the brim
with a love like a snootful of whiskey,
she runs circles around you
till there’s grooves in the dirt,
and could still run a marathon briskly.

Her Texas-dust laugh will infect you with glee,
her soul’s a magnolia tree,
her words water you
with a deep Houston rain,
and she gives buckets of God-love for free, for free,
she gives buckets of God-love for free.



7 thoughts on “M

    • Thank you! It’s hard to encompass all that someone is, especially when it’s someone I love so much. I could write hundreds of poems about the same friends, I think. 🙂

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