A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 29, 2015


Yeoman gives a barbaric yawp,
the yell resounds through the yard;
yesterday’s work was good, you know,
and the yowl signifies that it shows.

Yeoman yelps for a while,
till the energy’s gone,
then he yawns for a bit
has a yen for his bed,
yearns a mite for a lover,
and yields his head
to the sleep.

2 thoughts on “Y

  1. I missed your blog during the challenge, too much crazy going on. But now I will have time to catch up. So far I’m enjoy your work very much. Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

    • Thank you, Robin, for visiting and commenting. I’ve only had a chance to pop into your blog/site briefly, but I look forward to spending more time reading around it in the next week or so.

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