A to Z Blog Challenge Meets NaPoWriMo
Theme:  It’s the Little Things
April 30, 2015


A-to-Z Blog Challenge and NaPoWriMo have been fun,  y’all.  I always love April.  



It’s where we want to be,
in the zone—
“I’m in the zone!”

the zona rosa
the green zone
the dmz
(another name for the friend-zone?)—
Mind the zoning laws.

Highway to the danger zone?
Slow down in the school zone.
Construction zone (hard hat area)

Get out of your comfort zone.
Next stop: twilight.

A belt (not a backhand)
a region, sector,
a band (but not with drums)
a tract (but not for salvation)

We play
zone defense (but never offense),
and the goal, of course, is
the end zone.

This the end zone.



Happy May, everyone.


9 thoughts on “Z

    • Thank you, Sabina! I appreciate your time to read and comment! I *love* wordplay and exploration of rhythms! I have way too much fun geeking out on that and playing. 😀

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